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Done and dusted 一项工 作彻底告一段落

Done and dusted 一项工 作彻底告一段落



Done and dusted 一项工

Housework is never ending

The script of this programme 本节目台词


Neil: Hello, welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm Neil and joining me in the studio is Helen.

Helen: Hello everyone. It's nice to relax a bit. It's been a crazy few weeks. We had just four weeks to buy our new home.

Neil: Oh no, four weeks! That's not really much time.

Helen: I know. Luckily the lawyers were very helpful. We got the mortgage in time and we completed the purchase last weekend.

Neil: So you've finally got your own place.

Helen: Yes, the money has exchanged hands and we got our keys yesterday!

Neil: Brilliant, so it's all done and dusted then.

Helen: No, we haven't had the chance to inspect the house yet. Never mind dusting it.

Neil: I wasn't talking about dusting the house!

Helen: But I heard you ask if it was done and dusted.

Neil: Oh, it's just a way of saying everything is OK now - nothing else needs doing. You've closed the deal on your house purchase. It's done and dusted.

Helen: 原来 done and dusted 是全部完成,完毕的意思。我才拿到钥匙,还没空去呢,怎么可 能就已经完成打扫卫生了呢?

Neil: Done and dusted is actually a very common expression. We hear it a lot at work. And usually it means something has been completed successfully, there's no more work to be done on it. Let's hear some examples.


  • The dispute between me and the Council about my parking ticket has been resolved. It's done and dusted.
  • After two months of hard work, the project is finally done and dusted.
  • About this logo design... as far as I'm concerned, it's done and dusted.

Helen: 好了从 上面的例句中我们能看到 done and dusted 是一个口语化的表达,说什么事情全部完成,到此告一段落。

Neil: That's right. And this programme is now done and dusted.

Helen: Thanks for listening. Join us next time for more useful English expressions.

Neil: Bye.

Helen: Bye.



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