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1.Admittedly, ensuring sustainable development will require a certain level of sacrifice and arduous efforts on the part of all people.Nonetheless, the accrued returns will both strengthen the nation and ensure a better life for all Chinese citizens.

诚然,确保持 续的发展需要人们做出一定程度的牺牲和辛勤努力。但是,积累的 成果不仅能使国家更强大,而且能 保证中国公民过上更美好的生活。

2.The rapid emergence of homes for senior citizens represents a sharp divergence from the traditional Chinese practice of maintaining the nuclear family at all costs.

老人疗 养院的迅速出现体现了与中国传统的不惜一切代价维持核心家庭的做法的显着分歧。

3.Participating in interactive experiences beneficial to all is something that no one should miss.The valuable lessons learned therefrom should not be arbitrarily dismissed, but should instead be treasured.

参加对 所有人都有益的互动式体验是任何一个人都不应该错过的。从中获 得的宝贵经验不应该任意抛弃,而应该倍加珍惜。

4.Abortion advocates may be correct in their assertion that the practice is a necessary tool of population control, but they seem to neglect the preciousness of human life in its earliest stages.

人工流 产的提倡者认为它是控制人口的一种必要手段。他们也许是对的,但他们 可能忽略了人的生命在最初阶段的宝贵。

5.Some people assert that nothing is impossible.Such people should get a grip on reality and understand it''s impossible to create another Universe.In more down-to-earth terms, it''s impossible to know with any certainty whether you will live or die tomorrow.

一些人 断言没有什么事是不可能的。这些人应该把握现实,知道再 造一个宇宙是不可能的。更现实 的说法是不可能明确知道明天你会活着还是会死。

6.Two major factors contributed to devastating summer flooding along the Yangtze River and its tributaries.First, erosion resulting from excessive deforestation in the upper reaches of the river and, second ,heavy silting which raised the riverbed in the main channel.

两个主 要因素导致了夏季长江及其支流的特大洪水。第一,过度砍 伐引起的河流上游的侵蚀,第二,严重的 泥沙淤积抬高了主干道的河床。

7.Greed and a total lack of social consciousness have been cited as major reasons for the dramatic rise corruption.

人们认 为贪婪和社会意识的彻底缺乏是造成腐败急剧增加的主要原因。

8.There are several reasons for the marked increase in China''s crime rate-the dramatic influx of itinerant workers in urban areas ; declining social values ; and widening disparities between the haves and have-nots.

中国的 犯罪率显着升高有很多原因——城区大 量流动工人的涌入;社会价 值的贬低以及贫富之间日益扩大的差距。

9.Why are an increasing number of elderly Chinese parents living apart from their children? One reason is the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation.Another is expanding social opportunities for the elderly.Perhaps the main reason, however, centers on dramatic changes in traditional concepts.

为什么 越来越多的中国老人不和他们的孩子住在一起?原因之 一是年轻一代的上进心增强了。另一个 原因是社会上老人的机会增加了。然而,主要的 原因可能是传统观念发生了巨大变化。

10.What has sparked the increasing interest in exercise? For one thing, people have gained a greater awareness of the need for physical fitness.For another, the constantly improving standard of living enables Chinese people to patronize the increasing number of recreational venues.The main thing perhaps centers on the healthcare and psychological benefits exercise provides.

什么引 发了人们对锻炼越来越浓的兴趣?一方面,人们更 加清楚地意识到保持身体健康的必要性。另一方面,不断提 高的生活水平使中国人能够支付增加的娱乐支出。最主要 的可能在于锻炼带来的保健和心理上的好处。



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