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  Google is consistently rated the best place to work. So you need a degree from Harvard to get in the door, right?


  谷歌一 直被认为是最好的工作地点,这是否意味着,只有哈 佛大学毕业生才能如愿踏进谷歌大门呢?

  Not really, according to Laszlo Bock, Google's Head of People Operations。

  谷歌人 力运营部主管拉斯洛·博克(Laszlo Bock)表示,并非如此。

  When the company was small, Google cared a lot about getting kids from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. But Bock said it was the "wrong" hiring strategy. Experience has taught him there are exceptional kids at many other places, from state schools in California to New York。

  在谷歌 还是一个小公司的时候,曾经非常看重哈佛、斯坦福、麻省理 工等名校的文凭。但博克认为,这种招 聘策略是错误的。经验告诉他,在一些别的地方,比如加 利福尼亚或纽约的公立学校中,也会有 一些天赋超常的人才。

  "What we find is the best people from places like that are just as good if not better as anybody you can get from any Ivy League school," said Bock, who just authored a book titled "Work Rules!" and stopped by CNNMoney to share his smarts。

  “我们从 这些地方招聘的人才就算不比常春藤盟校(Ivy League school)的学生更优秀,至少也 与他们一般优秀。”博克刚写了一本名为《工作法则》(Work Rules!)的书,他在美 国有线电视新闻网(CNN)财经频 道做客时分享了他的智慧哲学。

  Every year, 2 million people apply to get a job at Google (GOOG). Bock himself has seen some 25,000 résumés。

  每年都 会有两百万的人到谷歌公司求职,博克本人已经看过2.5万份求职简历。

  So what else does Google not care about:

  那么谷 歌招聘中不看重的还有哪些呢?

  Grades: Google's data shows that grades predict performance for the first two years of a career, but do not matter after that。

  分数:谷歌数据显示,分数只 能预测职业生涯最初两年的能力,除此之外,毫无意义。

  Brainteasers: Gone are interview questions such as: Why are manhole covers round? or How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? "Our research tells us those questions are a waste of time," Bock said. "They're a really coachable skill. The more you practice, you get better at it."

  智力问答:谷歌不 再出这样的面试题了:为什么井盖是圆的?或者是:多少个 高尔夫球能装满一辆校车?博克说:“我们的调查显示,这么问 纯粹是浪费时间。因为这 些是能够通过训练提高的技能,你练习得越多,就能答得更好。”

  A shoe: "Somebody sent me a shoe once with a résumé tucked inside because they wanted to get their foot in the door." That one didn't work。

  一只鞋:“有人曾 把简历塞在一只鞋里寄给我,意思是 他们想踏进谷歌这扇门。”这样做当然没能奏效。

  Or a robot: Especially when it arrived broken, with exposed wires and a "press here" button. Call in the bomb squad。

  一个机器人:尤其是 那些寄来时已经坏了的,电线露在外面,上面还有一个“按这里”的按钮,于是我 们只好给防爆小组打电话了。

  Here's what Google does care about:


  Problem solvers: Your cognitive ability, or how well you solve problems。

  1、能解决问题的人:拥有认 知能力或是能够排忧解难的人。

  Leaders: The idea is not whether you were president of the student body or vice president of the bank, rather: "When you see a problem do you step in, help solve it," and then critically, "Are you willing to step out and let somebody else take over, and make room for somebody else? Are you willing to give up power?"

  2、有领导能力的人:这不是 说你得是学生会主席或是银行副总理,而是“当你遇 到问题时能不能介入,帮助解决问题”。然后是眼光要犀利,“可以退 出来让别人接管吗?能够让位于别人吗?可以放弃权力吗?”

  Googleyness: That's what Google calls its cultural fit. It's not "Are you like us?" Bock said. "We actually look for people who are different, because diversity gives us great ideas."

  3、具有谷歌精神(Googleyness)的人:这点被 谷歌称作文化契合度。它并不是“你和我们一样吗?”博克说:“事实上,我们在 寻找和我们不一样的人,因为多 样性能给谷歌带来卓越的想法。”

  What's most important is that people are intellectually humble, willing to admit when they're wrong, and care about the environment around them ..."because we want people who think like owners not employees," Bock said。

  4、最重要的一点就是:理性的谦逊,愿意承认自己错了,关心周围的环境……博克说:“我们想 要的是那些拥有主人翁心态而不是雇员心态的人。”

  5、最不重 要的一点是什么?只知道如何工作的人。

  "We figure if you get the first three right you'll figure it out most of the time."

  “我们认 为一旦你具备了前三点,基本上 就可以所向披靡了。”


  exceptional 杰出的

  manhole cover 井盖

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