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世界名企亲授8个方法 实习结束留下来(双语)

  (来源:沪江英语)You've done the hard part. You studied hard, decided which industry to explore, created an impressive résumé, interviewed for various roles and – whew – landed the internship!

  你已经 跨过了求职中最难的一步。你努力学习,找寻心仪的行业,制作精美的简历,经历无数的面试——唷——终于找到实习了!

世界名企亲授8个方法 实习结束留下来(双语)

  Oh wait. That wasn't the hard part – that was just the beginning. Now that you've got the gig, you have to perform. That means knocking out your daily duties and long-term assignments with maximum efficiency and minimal stress-induced breakdowns。

  不对,等等。其实那 并不是求职最难的一步——那只是刚开始而已。既然已经找到实习了,你就得 开始好好表现了。也就是 说你得高效率地处理你的日常任务和长期任务。

  These productivity tips will help you do just that:

  以下的 小窍门也许可助你一臂之力:

  1.Become an expert on work processes。


  Expected to do some administrative work during your internship? What are the exact steps for taking a message and scheduling appointments? What's expected of you when you're simply told to "research" a client? If you're manning the company's webmaster email account, to whom do you forward various types of recurring emails – is there a shared document to reference, or should you make one for yourself and future interns?

  期待在 实习期间做点行政工作嘛?转达信 息和安排会议的具体步骤有哪些?当你只是收到“调查”客户的任务,你的期待是什么样的?如果你 在维护公司的邮件账户,你要给 别人转发各种重复的邮件——能够找 到参考的共享文件吗?或者能 够自制一个模版,然后再 传给下一个实习生嘛?

  Learning and remembering the specific processes and protocols for your work is crucial, so don't glaze over when you're being trained on them, says Lauren Berger, author of "Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career." Ask questions so you can do your work right the first time, which will save you time and effort – and likely impress your supervisor。

  学会并 记住具体的流程和模版对你的工作十分重要,所以当 你开始训练这些新东西时,不要只是傻呆呆看着,《欢迎来到现实世界:自我定位,自我完善,把工作 转变成理想职业》的作者劳伦?伯杰如是说。一开始要学会问问题,以确保不出错,这样会 节省你的时间和努力——同时让 你的主管刮目相看。

  2.Take notes。


  You're already an expert note-taker from classes and study sessions, right? Now use that skill in the workplace to commit work duties and methods to memory. "Make sure you always have a pen and paper with you and you're taking notes on all of these systems," Berger says. "Because it's one thing to ask questions, but it's another thing to ask questions you've already been told the answer to."

  经历过学堂、学生阶段,你已经 是一个记笔记的专家了,对吧?现在你 可以将那个技巧运用到工作当中以便于记住工作任务和方法。伯杰说道:“一定要 随身携带笔和纸,把与这 个体系相关的所有信息记录下来。因为问问题是一回事,但是问 你已经知道答案的问题又是另一回事了。”

  Note-taking is also a way to keep you focused, says Laura Stack, productivity expert and author of "What to Do When There's Too Much to Do" and "SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best." When you're concentrating on a high-priority task, and you suddenly think of something else – an assignment to do, idea to research, question to ask – jot it down so you can return to it later. Then get back to focusing on the task at hand. As Stack puts it: "Write down your thoughts, but don't follow them."

  记笔记 同时也是一种可以让你集中注意力的方法,高效专家和 《如何应 对任务太多无法处理》、《超能力:六个要 素挖掘你高效潜能》的作者劳拉?斯塔克如是说。接着回 头继续做手边的工作。就如斯塔克说的:“你可以 记录下你的想法,但是仅限于此,别走神。”

  3.Know the players。


  "In order to get the work done effectively, you need to understand the players," Berger says. "Who do you go to when you have a problem? What's the chain of command in your office?" Don't know? Ask – and then note it。

  伯杰说:“了解每 一个同事的职能可以帮助你更有效率地完成工作。当你遇 到问题了可以找谁?公司的 行政管理系统是什么样的?”你知道嘛?不知道就问——然后记下来。

  4.Make daily to-do lists。


  In fact, make tomorrow's list this afternoon, recommends professional organizer Julie Morgenstern in a U.S. News Careers article about setting yourself up for a productive day. Her point: By tomorrow morning, "the day is crashing down on you, you're not prepared, you're in reactive mode."

  专业管理人朱莉?莫根施特恩在《为高效 的一天整装出发》文章中建议道,今天下 午就要做好明天的任务清单。她表示:截止明到早,“如果你没有准备好,你还处于反应模式,那这一天就会压垮你。”

“当你接到很多任务时,不要害怕去问他们‘截止时间是什么时候?”伯杰说道,因为你 可以根据截止时间来分任务先后。

  Tracking these deadlines and to-dos will help you understand which tasks take priority and which can wait. "Each day, ask yourself, 'What would I need to accomplish today to feel good about the day when I leave?'" Stack says. "Make sure to do those things first."

  截止时 间和任务清单可以帮你分清任务先后。“每天都要问你自己,‘这一天工作结束时,我要怎 么做才能感到满足?一定把 重要的事情先做完。”斯塔克说道。

  5.Come in early sometimes。


  If you're behind on projects or feel overwhelmed, Berger says coming in early can give you a "power hour" of productivity. You can knock out a few to-dos while others are still sitting in traffic or yawning through their first cups of coffee. Also, she points out: "It's a way to take control of your inbox before everyone else does."

  伯杰说,如果你跟不上项目了,或者感到压力山大时,早点出 门会给你带来高效工作的充电时间。当别人还在乘车,或是拿 着咖啡打着哈欠时,你已经 完成了任务清单上的一些工作。而且,她还指出:“这同时 也是一种打理邮箱的好方法,在别人 都还没有开始前。”

  6.Don't let emails throw you off your game。


  Are you expected to answer emails by the end of the day or within minutes after they pop into your inbox? If it's the latter, what about emails that pour in at 7, 8 or 9 in the evening? "It's important for the student to take initiative to communicate your workload to your supervisor," Berger says. "Ask: 'Do you want me to be answering emails all day?'"

  你是希 望一天结束了再回复邮件还是在邮件一收到时就回复呢?伯杰说:“主动和 主管协商工作量对于学生来说很重要,你要主动问主管,‘我需要全天待命吗?'”

  Knowing that answer will help you smoothly transition into the office workflow and perhaps boost your productivity, too. Say you're typically allowed to let nonurgent emails sit for a few hours. In that case, consider turning off email alerts while you're in focus mode. "Studies have shown that just knowing a message is waiting can ruin your concentration, even if you don't answer it right away," Stack says. However, let your supervisor know you're available in person or via phone if needed。

  主管的 答案可以让你迅速地转衔到办公室工作流程当中,还有可 能提高你的效率。如果你 经常搁置不紧急邮件长达几个小时,当你处 于专注模式下时你可以关闭掉邮件提醒。 斯塔克说:“研究表 明即使你没有及时回复邮件,只要意 识到有邮件还未答复就会影响你的注意力。”



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