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面对10个不能加薪的理由 该如何对策(双语)


面对10个不能加薪的理由 该如何对策(双语)

  1. Poor Timing


  While it's not a marriage proposal, asking for a raise is an important question.Timing is key! Did you request a raise in June, when the general company policy is to make decisions at the end of the year? Maybe you asked too early in your tenure, or made your request soon after the company had a recall, poor quarterly report, or other bad news. That's not the only timing problem: while your manager's bad day shouldn't affect your raise, a meeting scheduled on a stressful day could be the reason your request was turned down。

  虽然这不是求婚吧,但“药家鑫”也是个重要的事了。选对时间最重要!当一般 公司每年六月按政策开始做新一年的计划和决定时,你有没有提出加薪?可能你选错了时候,刚上任没多久,公司经 营不善或者季度报告状况不佳时,等等,你要加 薪都是不合适的。还不

  Next steps: Ask human resources or co-workers when raises are typically given out, and time your meeting for a low-stress time of day and week。

  咋整:问问人 力部门或是同事一般啥时候给加薪,并依此 将和上司的谈话约在相对舒坦的时候进行。

  2. Lack of Company Resources

  2. 公司真的没钱啦!

  Sometimes, the reason you don't get a raise isn't related to you at all. It's quite possible that your company isn't flush with money, and simply doesn't have room in the budget to give you a raise。

  有时,你得不 到加薪可能和你本身没关系。很有肯 能是公司没钱了,所以更 没有给你加薪的预算。

  Next steps: How important is the raise to you? And does it seem as though the company finances will turn around? The answer to these questions will determine if you stay put, or use this as a cue to begin a job search。

  咋整:加薪对你有多重要?公司看上去还有救吗?问题的 答案决定了你是乖乖留下,还是以 此为契机再找工作。

  3.Lack of Performance

  3. 绩效不行

  Are you exceeding expectations, or simply doing the work outlined in your job description? At many jobs, in order to get a raise, employees need to go above and beyond the basic requirements. If your work is competent, but not stellar, this may be why you didn't get the raise。

  你是总给上司惊喜,还是仅 仅做自己分内事?很多职业都是这样,员工想加薪,必须超额完成任务。如果你 的职位竞争性强,但又不是主要的,那么你不主动,可能就要不到加薪了。

  Next steps: Talk to your manger about what she'd like to see from you. Consider how to transform from an ordinary employee to an exceptional one. Keep a list of your big accomplishments, and any praise you receive, and highlight them the next time you request a raise。

  咋整:问问经 理想让你怎么做,也想想 自己要怎么做才能成为一个杰出的员工。列一个清单,记下自 己获得的较大成就以及表扬,再下一 次申请加薪时着重提出他们就行了。

  推荐:绩效考核惴惴不安 6个贴士轻松过关

  4.Failing to Lay Groundwork

  4.不为申 请加薪打好基础

  On a day-to-day basis at work, do you trumpet every accomplishment, even the most banal? Or, conversely, are you quiet about your triumphs? You should offer evidence for why you're deserving of a raise in the moment when you make the request, but also lay groundwork in advance. While it's good to be self-promoting, be cautious about excessive self-promotion, or stealing the spotlight from deserving co-workers, which can work against your request。

  日常工作中,你会不 会大肆鼓吹你的小成绩,即使他不值一提?或者是,正相反,做默默 无闻甘愿奉献的老牛?做好基 础工作和在申请加薪时准备好充分的理由一样重要!但虽然 说点自己的好话是必要的,也得警惕过度自夸,或是盗 用同事的努力成果,这将会适得其反。

  Next steps: In one-on-one meetings with your manager, and over email, highlight your accomplishments. Be careful not too overdo: you want to be neither overly modest nor overly boastful。

  咋整:在和你 经理单独的谈话中或是通过邮件,强调一 下自己的成绩就行了。但是别做的过火:太过谦 卑或太过自诩都是差强人意的。

  5.A Personal Request


  For most companies, salary is an unemotional calculation, based on the employee's qualifications, geographic considerations, and competition. If you asked for a raise citing factors in your personal life —increased rent, family-related concerns, etc. —your manager may feel sympathetic. But that's doesn't mean you've presented a valid argument for a higher salary. The same logic applies for requests based on a co-worker's salary。

  对于大多数公司来说,薪水的 考量标准只是以员工能力,战略考 虑以及竞争为基础的冰冷计算。如果你以私人原因——房租涨了,家里有事——来作为加薪理由,你的经理会同情你的。有员工申请加薪。所以并 不能成其为响当当的加薪理由。

  Next steps: Frame your raise ask around the value you provide to the company — rather than detailing your own expenses and needs, point to ways you've saved money or added to the company's revenue。

  咋整:仔细收 集自己平时做的事对公司的价值——强调自 己为公司做的开源节流,而不是 要多么详细地说你遇到的破事。

  推荐:要求加薪别冲动 这6件事情你必须懂

  6.Skipping the Prep Work

  6. 不做任何准备工作

  Wearing unprofessional clothes, and giving a disjointed, rambling, or off-the-cuff rationale for your raise does not impress. Even if your company doesn't have much of a dress code, it's still important to look and act professionally in this moment。

  穿着随意,加薪理由与目的脱节,看起来散漫不严肃,说要求 时像在即兴发挥,你怎可能要到加薪?即使您 公司没啥着装要求,在这种 关键时刻还是要看起来专业认真的。

  Next steps: Plan talking points, and rehearse ahead of time. Dress to impress: this is a good excuse to break out your interview outfit。

  咋整:计划好 要陈述的关键点,提前自己排练。穿着要令人赏心悦目:这是一 个解冻你面试套装的好机会。


  7.You're a Difficult Employee


  Sounds harsh, but if you're a challenge to work with, a downer in meetings, or a frequent complainer, you may be a problem for your manager, making him or her unwilling to make the case to superiors that you deserve a raise。

  听起来有点伤人,不过如果你很难相处,会议上也不积极,还常常抱怨,你可能 就成为了经理的眼中钉,肉中刺——他们就 并不会给你加薪,即使你应该被加薪了。

  Next steps: Evaluate your attitude. How do you present yourself in meetings and everyday occasions around the office? Consider if your complaints and critiques are overshadowing your good work。

  咋整:瞅瞅你的态度。你在会 议里或是日常工作中给人什么感觉?想想你 的抱怨是否遮蔽了你的好业绩。

  8.Employers Fear a Wave of Requests


  Many companies can be fearful of giving out raises, since granting one request could lead to others。

  Next steps: This puts you in a tough position. You can mention that you'll be discrete about your raise, and also make the point that your raise should be evaluated on its own merits. However, if this is the response you get, it may be a sign that it's a good time to kick off a job search。

  咋整:这让你很难做啊。在要加薪时,你可能 得提提你会对这事保密,或者要 求上司公正评估自己提薪的价值。但是如 果结果都是被拒,那么这 可能意味着你要启程去找找新工作啦。

  9.Your Salary Is Already Market-Standard

  9.你的薪 资已经够着了本行业最高标准

  If you didn't do research as to the typical salary range for your position before requesting a raise, your manager may deny the request, reasoning that you're already getting the amount you deserve。

  如果在 申请加薪前不看看自己职位的薪资水平区间的话,你的经 理很可能拒绝你的要求,这就表 明你已经拿到了你应得的数目。

  Next steps: Do some salary research, at sites such as Glassdoor.com, Payscale.com, or Salary.com。


  10.You Didn't Ask!



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