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习近平 在新西兰媒体发表署名文章

11月19日,在对新 西兰进行国事访问之际,国家主 席习近平在新西兰《新西兰先驱报》(New Zealand Herald)发表题为《共同描 绘中新关系更加美好的未来》的署名文章。文章如下:

For a Better Future of the China-New Zealand Relations

共同描 绘中新关系更加美好的未来

Tonight, I will begin my first visit to New Zealand as the President of the People's Republic of China, bringing with me the friendly sentiments of the Chinese people to the people of New Zealand andan ardent wish to grow the China-New Zealand friendly relations.

今晚,我将带 着中国人民对新西兰人民的友好情谊,带着对 发展中新友好关系的热切期盼,展开我 担任中华人民共和国主席以来对新西兰的首次访问。

New Zealand is a shining pearl on the Pacific Ocean, a country blessed with a hardworking, courageous and warm-hearted people, a dream place of idyllic beauty, and a land of abundant resources that are much favoured in the global market. The upcoming visit will be the third time for me to set foot on this beautiful country, and I am very much looking forward to the trip.

新西兰 是太平洋上一颗璀璨的明珠,这里有 勤劳勇敢和热情好客的人民,有世外 桃源般令人神往的自然风光,有在世 界市场上广受青睐的丰富物产。这将是 我第三次踏上这片美丽的土地,我对此行充满期待。

Every time I come across the subject of China-New Zealand relations, two touching stories will come to my mind. In May 2008, a massive earthquake struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province of China. A group of lovely children in Christchurch, South Island of New Zealand decided to do something for those affected in China to overcome difficulties. In spite of the cold wind of the Southern Hemisphere which was in its winter, the children went to the street and played the violin to raise money for the quake victims. In February 2011, Christchurch was also hit by an earthquake. On hearing this unfortunate news, the international rescue team of China responded swiftly and joined rescue operations immediately, contributing their share to the search and rescue of those trapped. As shown in both stories,although China and New Zealand are separated by the vast ocean, there is strong empathy between our two peoples in times of need. This is an epitome and a vivid example of friendship between China and New Zealand.

提及中新关系,我的脑 海中总会浮现出两幅动人的画面。2008年5月,中国四 川省发生汶川特大地震。为了帮 助灾区人民渡过难关,在新西 兰南岛的克赖斯特彻奇市,有一群 可爱的儿童自发组织起来,迎着南 半球冬天的凛冽寒风,在街头 演奏小提琴进行募捐。2011年2月,克赖斯 特彻奇市也遭遇了地震灾害。听到这一不幸消息,中国国 际救援队火速驰援参与救援工作,为搜救 被困人员贡献了一份力量。在危难关头,尽管远隔重洋,但两国 民众的心始终连在一起,这正是 中新友谊的缩影和生动体现。

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1972, the China-New Zealand relations have made historic strides forward, and practical exchanges and co-operation in various fields have reached unprecedented breadth and depth. The two countries have set many records in China's relations with developed countries. For example, China is now the largest trading partner and source of international students for New Zealand. In particular, New Zealand is the first developed country to have signed and implemented a free trade agreement with China. From more quality and inexpensive goods and services to more jobs, from more convenient people-to-people exchanges to better study opportunities, more and more visible and tangible benefits are made available to our two countries and peoples as a result of our friendly co-operation.

1972年建交以来,中新关 系得到历史性发展,两国各 领域务实交流合作达到前所未有的广度和深度。中新两 国开创了中国同发达国家关系上的多个“第一”,中国已 经成为新西兰第一大贸易伙伴和第一大留学生来源国,特别是 新西兰是第一个同中国签署并实施双边自由贸易协定的发达国家。可以说,从更多 物美价廉的商品服务到更多的工作岗位,从更加 便利的人员往来到更好的学习机会,中新友 好合作给两国和两国人民带来越来越多看得见 和摸得着的好处。

The journey of China-New Zealand relations proves that mutual respect and equality underpin the sustained, sound and steady growth of the bilateral ties, complementarity and mutual benefit give strong boost to the rapid expansion of practical co-operation, and the pioneering spirit and the readiness to seek common ground while shelving differences provide an inexhaustible source of strength to keep the bilateral relationship at the forefront of China's relations with developed countries. The China-New Zealand relations have gone beyond the bilateral scope and set a fine example for the pursuit of successful state-to-state relations.

中新关 系走过的历程表明,相互尊 重和平等相待是两国关系保持健康稳定发展的牢固基石;优势互 补和互利共赢是两国务实合作快速拓展的强大动力;敢为人 先和求同存异是两国关系始终走在中国同发达国家关系前列的不竭源泉。中新关 系发展已经超出双边范畴,为国与 国探索成功的相处之道提供了范例。

In both China and New Zealand, strong winds of reform and development are sweeping across the country. The Chinese people are striving to fulfil the Chinese dream of great national renewal, comprehensively deepening the reform and opening-up programme, and advancing the rule of law across the board. New Zealand is making efforts to enhance its international competitiveness, step up infrastructure development, increase scientific and technological innovation input, and improve the economic structure. This has brought more converging interests between China and New Zealand. Aligning our development strategies effectively, we will have the rare opportunities and broad prospects for even stronger co-operation in all fields.

当前,中国和 新西兰都吹起改革发展的劲风。中国人 民正在为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦而奋斗,正在全 面深化改革和扩大开放,全面推进依法治国。新西兰 也在着力提升国际竞争力,加大基 础设施建设力度,提高科技创新投入,优化经济结构。可以说,中新两 国利益契合点不断增多,如果我 们将各自发展战略有效对接起来,双方加 强全方位合作将面临难得机遇,前景十分广阔。

Under the new circumstances, friendship and co-operation between China and New Zealand have taken on a new mission. To better achieve development and prosperity in both countries, we need to join hands and build a better future of China-New Zealand relations.

新形势 赋予中新友谊和合作新使命。为更好 实现各自发展繁荣,我们两国要携起手来,共同构 筑双边关系的美好未来。

Forge a new pattern of converging interests.The two countries need to advance practical co-operation in various fields and build a strong community of common interests. We should consolidate the basis of co-operation in agriculture, husbandry and other traditional sectors, and at the same time create new bright spots of co-operation. With China's strengths in infrastructure and manufacturing and New Zealand's advantages in agricultural science and technology, IT and clean energy, the two countries have much to offer to each other and may draw upon each other's strong points. The two sides should be committed to win-win co-operation, keep the markets open and create a more friendly and level playing field for our companies to access each other's market, make investment and grow businesses.

努力打 造利益交融新格局。中新两 国要不断推进各领域务实合作,深度构建利益共同体。双方应 该巩固农牧业等传统领域合作基础,同时不 断打造新的合作亮点。中国在 基础设施建设和制造业领域,新西兰在农业科技、信息技术、清洁能源等领域,各自有着突出优势,两国可以取长补短、互为所用。双方要坚持互利双赢,保持市场开放,为各自 企业到对方国家开拓市场和投资兴业创造更加友善和公平的环境。

Open new horizons for cultural and people-to-people exchanges.Governments of the two countries should create conditions to facilitate more people-to-people exchanges. New Zealand is a popular filming location for more and more Chinese TV and film producers. The natural beauty of its landscape and the sincerity and kindness of its people have left the Chinese audience with very fond impressions. I am sure this will attract more Chinese tourists to New Zealand. The two countries are having talks on a television co-production agreement. This agreement, once signed, will inject new vitality into the cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and New Zealand.

努力开 创人文交流新局面。中新两 国政府要为扩大人民往来创造更多便利条件。越来越 多中国影视作品把在海外取景地点选在新西兰,这里优 美的自然风光和纯朴民风给中国观众留下美好印象,相信将 带动更多中国民众前来新西兰旅游。中新两 国正在商签电视合拍协议,这一协 议的签署将为两国人文交流注入新的动力。

Raise co-ordination in multilateral arenas to a new level.Both China and New Zealand are participants of and contributors to the current international system, and as such, we should enhance co-operation. I wish to congratulate New Zealand on its election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2015-2016. This demonstrates the importance the international community places on New Zealand's international standing and influence. China stands ready to increase co-operation with New Zealand in the United Nations, Apec, the Pacific Islands Forum and other regional and international mechanisms to advance our common interests and work with the international community to uphold regional and global peace and stability.

努力提 升多边协调新层次。中新两 国都是现行国际体系的参与者和建设者,双方理应加强合作。我祝贺 新西兰成功当选2015至2016年度联 合国安理会非常任理事国,这体现 了国际社会对新西兰国际地位和影响的重视。中方愿 同新方加强在联合国、亚太经合组织、太平洋 岛国论坛等国际和地区机制中的合作,促进双方共同利益,并同国际社会一道,维护地 区和世界和平稳定。

A famous Maori adage says, "Your livelihood is in your own hands". A new journey of co-operation for China and New Zealand is about to begin, and the future of China-New Zealand relationship is in our own hands. In the upcoming visit, I am looking forward to having discussions with the New Zealand Government and people from various sectors about ways to advance our co-operation and to joint chart the course for the growth of our bilateral ties. China is ready to move forward hand in hand with New Zealand as good partners for win-win co-operation and good friends sticking together through thick and thin, and work together for an even better future of China-New Zealand relations.

毛利人有句名言:“幸福掌握在自己手中。”中新合 作即将开启新的征程,中新关 系未来同样掌握在我们自己手中。这次访问期间,我期待 着同新西兰政府和社会各界共商两国合作大计,共同规 划两国关系发展蓝图。我们愿 同新方携手前行,成为互 利合作的好伙伴、同舟共济的好朋友,共同开 创中新关系更加美好的未来。


友好情谊 friendly sentiments

热切期盼 ardent wish

远隔重洋 separated by the vast ocean

看得见 和摸得着的好处 visible and tangible benefits

优势互补和互利共赢 complementarity and mutual benefit

利益交融新格局 a new pattern of converging interests

人文交流新局面 new horizons for cultural and people-to-people exchanges

多边协调新层次 co-ordination in multilateral arenas to a new level

幸福掌握在自己手中 Your livelihood is in your own hands

同舟共济 stick together through thick and thin



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