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Graying Parent Care

Daughters of aging parents, be aware: you and your sisters spend twice as much time caring for your graying parents compared with your brothers: about seven more hours each month. That new snapshot of how adult children share parent care comes from a study by Princeton doctoral student Angelina Grigoryeva. She presented her research at a recent meeting of American Sociological Association in San Francisco. [Angelina Grigoryeva: When Gender Trumps Everything: The Division of Parent Care among Siblings]

年迈父 母的女儿们注意了:你们将 要花两倍于男孩儿的时间来照顾父母,大概每 个月多七个小时。普林斯顿博士生Angelina Grigoryeva进行的 一项关于孩子如何分担赡养时间的研究,得出了上述结论。最近在SF举行的ASA会议上,她介绍了自己的研究。
The data originated from the 2004 portion of the Health and Retirement Survey, a national study that samples more than 26,000 Americans over the age of 50 every couple of years. The research reveals that women appear to provide as much elderly parent care as their jobs and family responsibilities will allow, while men’s caregiving decisions appear to be largely based on whether or not they believe a female sibling can shoulder the responsibility.

这些数据源自2004年份的 健康和退休调查,在全国范围内,该调查每隔几年,访问至少26000位五十 岁以上的美国人。调查显示,似乎只 要忙完工作和自己家里的事务,女人就会照顾老人,而只要 男人相信有姐妹在照顾老人,他们就不那么顾家了。
Grigoryeva writes that the findings are particularly concerning since women already more often take on other “invisible” domestic work compared with men. Of course, not all families have children of both sexes. But as a rule, Grigoryeva writes, “Sons reduce their relative caregiving efforts when they have a sister, while daughters increase it when they have a brother.”
Grigoryeva表示,研究的 发现特别使人担忧,因为相较于男性,女性已 经在家务方面承担了更多的隐形压力。当然,不是所 遇家庭都有男孩和女孩。“多数情况下”,她写道,“有姐妹的话,儿子在 照顾老人方面出力更少;有兄弟的话,女儿的压力则加重了。”
—Dina Fine Maron



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